Frequently Asked Questions

I bought the 25 questions available from PSI for $25.00, but still failed my test because they didn't help very much. Are yours better?

Angelica, L.A., California

Your State Board Examiners have over 2,000 questions in their computer file, and will randomly assign 100 as your Exam. PSI sold you 25 questions - that is less than 1% of the possible exam questions - so it is not surprising they didn't help you. Buying 25 questions out if 2,000 questions is not a wining strategy. You need all the questions to study, or at the very least you need hundreds; 25 is a waste of your time  AND of the $25 they charged you. Shame on PSI!

I could not locate your Spanish Manicure book online until one of my students gave me your phone number.

Sorry about that. Our site is:  and you can usually locate us with any of the following search requests:

-prequntas para el examen de unas

-examen manicura Y pedicura

-California Examen de Manicura y Pedicura

Do you have the Florida Clinical Barber test questions or Florida Cosmetology Clinical exam questions?

Yes we do. The Florida Barber Clinical Exam or Florida Cosmetology Clinical Exam are both tough, and the failure rate is high. So it is extremely important to be studying the right clinical exam questions and answers.

What can you tell me about the questions on the Florida Cosmetology Clinical Exam?

We can tell you the Florida Clinical Exam is hard, with a Pass Rate (Not: Passing SCORE) about 51%. And this low pass rate results from most students studying the wrong questions & answers. To pass the Florida Cosmetology Clinical Exam: study hard, study often, and study the right questions & answers.

How do I find out if my State Board Exam comes from PSI? 

Directly below is a list of the states using the Exam from PSI (Professional Services Industry):

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,  Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. *Also: The U.S. Virgin Islands and Washington D.C.    

There is so much information in my textbook I feel overwhelmed, any ideas or study tips?

Yes, the amount of information & material in your textbook can be overwhelming, and that is why we created the 'Easy Pass' material. It gives you the 100 MOST OFTEN ASKED questions (with answers) on your exam.

Is your Esthetician material updated for this year (2022)?

Yes, our material is being updated constantly so that we can give you the questions & answers you need to pass the exam at the time you take it. Borrowing your friends book from last year is not going to help you pass the exam this year.

Now that California has passed SB-803 and eliminated the Practical Exam, my instructor says the Written test will be a lot tougher - do you agree?

YES we agree. We have seen the new questions and they are much more detailed. They are very similar to the CLINICAL EXAM questions used in Florida (Florida does not have a Practical Exam either).


Just be certain to indicate the state in which you will be testing. For example: California Cosmetology Test Questions.

I am looking for Free Cosmetology Test Questions that will work in my state, do you have them?

Yes we do; we have the free cosmetology test questions for all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Will your Lazy Pass work for Texas?

Yes; when you order be sure to indicate what state you will be testing in and you will be sent the correct questions & answers for that state.  

Lazy Pass; it's brilliant. You must have met most of our students! We took you discount offer and purchased 35 copies and have been having great results. Will you be having a new version for the Winter semester exams?

Happy to hear you are achieving such positive results with our LAZY PASS product. And yes, we will be coming out with the Winter results very soon.

I paid so much for my school and now I have to pay you for the test questions. Doesn't seem fair!

Many schools provide our materials free of charge to their students; in other words, the school buys it from us and charges  you as a portion of your tuition. Finally, you will also need to pay for your State Board  Exam unless the the school covers that as well in your tuition price as well.

I also bought your book for North Carolina (cosmetology) and passed my exam.

I bought your barber book for North Carolina and passed my test - THANKS.

I bought you guys questions for North Carolina and failed my test, can you explain that!!!

Yes we can; we provide all questions asked within the last 12 months, and for your state that is 500. You only answered 50 (with 20 correct answers); I don't think anything more needs to be said.

Do you have the  cosmetology, barber,and esthetcian exam questions for Illinois?


I am a licensed Cosmetologist in Texas. If I move to Florida will I need to surrender my Texas Cosmetology License and take the Florida Cosmetology Exam? 

This is a two part question:

1) You will NOT need to surrender your Texas License.

2) You will need to take the Florida Cosmetology Exam if you have had your Texas Cosmetology License less than  3 years. If you have had it more than 3 years there is a program called ENDORSEMENT that will generally allow you to avoid taking the Florida Cosmetology Exam. (

Do you have the cosmetology, barber, and esthetcian exam questions for Pennsylvania?


I am an Apprentice Barber in California and failed my exam twice, will your questions help me on my test next month?

Yes - Yes - Yes

Do you have the cosmetology, barber, and esthetcian exam questions for North Carolina and South Carolina?


Do you have the cosmetology,barber and esthetcian exam questions for Georgia?


Do you have the barber,cosmetology, and esthetician exam questions for Florida?


Do you have the cosmetology, barber, and esthetician questions for Texas?


Which do you think is better, Milady cosmetology questions or Pivot Point cosmetology questions?

I think they are equally good - but each contains different information - and I KNOW  the State Board Exam uses both books to create the Cosmetology State Board Exam. I also know we are the only company to provide you with the cosmetology questions from both textbooks.

As an instructor in a large franchise school, I have quite a few students who will be taking their exams in other states, I am curious to know if you have the questions & answers for the Cosmetology, Barber, Esthetician, and Manicurist test for all 50 states?

Yes we do. Why not give us a call at: 760-534-4434.

Florida state board licensing questions Cpt Guru - what can you tell me about this?

In short:                 

1) Barber school in Florida is 1,000 hours.

2) The Florida barber licensing exam has 100 multiple choice questions.

3) The licensing exam is administered by Pearson Vue (1-888-204-6289).

4) All the questions on the exam can be found on our website at:

5) For additional questions & answers about the exam, call us at: 760-534-4434.

Do you have the esthetician questions for the esthetician Florida state board exam?

Florida does not have an Esthetician State Board Licensing Exam. To obtain an Esthetician License in Florida requires: completing 260 hours at an approved school, passing an exam designed by THAT school, and successfully completing a State Board approved HIV/AIDS course.  For additional information, you can log onto:

Do you have the 2021 California State Board Exam Esthetician questions?

Yes we do

Why are your cosmetology, esthetician, and barber study guides $10 more expensive of adds $10.04 to the price of our materials as their percentage cut.

I need the barber and esthetician exam questions for Massachusetts, do you have them?

Yes we do. We also have the cosmetology exam questions for Massachusetts.

I spent a lot of money in school and I have failed the multiple choice part of my Esthetician Exam twice. I need to pass this test before March 31, 2021, but there are so many companies advertising study materials.

We are tempted to say "We Feel Your Pain", but nobody really feels the pain of another. Having said that, here are some things to consider regarding 'so many companies ...'

Cpt Guru is located in Hong Kong China.

ProProfs is located in Mumbia India.

MoMetrix is located in Houstin Texas and sells questions & answers for Real Estate, Accounting, Nursing, Architecture, Auto Mechanics, and many others.

We are located here in the USA and only sell questions & answers for Cosmetology, Barbering, and Esthetics. Our address and phone number are listed on our website and we answer the phones in both English & Spanish.

Do you have the cosmetology exam questions available in Spanish for Arizona?

We have the cosmetology exam questions available in Spanish for the State of Arizona. We also have the Barber exam questions availalble in Spanish for Arizona.

Where do the questions found on cosmetology questions come from? And are they the same as PIC and NIC?

The questions found on cosmetology questions have nothing to do with PSI or NIC. They come from the Milady cosmetology question textbook. But be careful, because the cosmetology state board exam uses questions from both Milady and Salon Fundamentals / Pivot Point. The questions are different, and because of these differences, canNOT fully prepare you to pass you exam.

Tienes los examenes de cosmetologia y estetica traducido al espanol, Milady y Salon Fundamentals?


How do you have the 2021 California Esthetician Practice Test Questions in December 2020?

The 2021 California Esthetician Exam Questions are already available to exam preparation companies; however, many companies choose to withhold these questions until after Christmas because they know educational sales are slow over the holiday season, then sky rocket in January. So they wait until they can receive the biggest bang for their advertising buck.

If I have a California Cosmetology License and move to Florida, will I need to take the 2021 Florida Cosmetology Exam?

The answer to your question depends upon how long you have been licensed in California and how long you have actively worked in the industry. Florida has a program called "Endorsement", and if you qualify, you will NOT be required to take the 2021 Florida Cosmetology Exam.

Do you have the site address for the Florida State Board of Cosmetology?

Yes we do and it is probably the most logical address of all 50 states:

I need cosmetology exam questions for Nevada, can you help me?

Yes we can because we have the cosmetology exam questions & answers for Nevada.

I am taking the 2021 California Esthetician Exam in February, but I am confused between NIC and PSI.

PSI stands for 'Professional Services International' and Administers licensing Exams for about 37 states in the areas of Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetics, and Nails. NIC Creates / Writes the Exam, both Theory and Practical, for about 42 states in the areas of cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, and nails.

My son will be taking the Texas Barber Exam and I need study materials for that test.

We have the questions & answers available for the 2021 Texas Barber Exam. If you have any additional questions, you can give us a call at: 760-534-4434.

Or visit the Texas Board of Barbering website at:

Your company is located in California, but do you have the Esthetican practice exam questions for any other state?

Our corporate headquarters are located in California, but we also have  offices in several other states. More importantly, we have the 2021 Cosmetology practice test questions,  2021 Barber practice test questions,  2021 Esthetician practice test questions, and 2021 Manicure practice test questions for all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

What is the difference between your material and material from companies like Cpt Guru?

We are a American company providing you with the questions & answers that will be found on the 2021 cosmetology exam, 2021 barber exam, 2021 esthetician exam, or 2021 manicure exam  in your state.

Cpt Guru is a Chinese company located in Hong Kong. We suggest before purchasing study materials from ANY company, you pick up the phone and speak with a representative from that company. On sites such as ours, Easy Pass and Mometrix you will find their addresses and phone numbers; you will NOT find any of this information on the Cpt Guru website.

Do you have information on Paul Mitchell Schools in Central California? And do you think they are worth the high cost compared with other cosmetology schools?

There are at least 9 Paul Mitchell Cosmetology schools in California, with 2 in the Central area: Modesto and Fresno.  For more information, log onto:

Regarding price, Paul Mitchell does tend to be more expensive than most other schools. As to whether the added expense is worth it - we cannot say other than to point out that the results you will likely get out of any school are directly related to the effort you apply. 

Finally, California makes it simple to compare school pass rate results, just log onto:  and look under "SCHOOLS, Pass Rate".

I am a teacher at a school in Los Angeles California and the pass rate on our Cosmetology State Board is depressingly low.  How are the 2021 cosmetology practice test questions in your study-guide different from the ones found in the Milady study-quide?

As a teacher you have probably noticed that the questions & answers found in the Milady practice test book are the same year-after-year, but the questions on the Cosmetology Exam are different every year - especially on the 2021 Cosmetology State Board Exam. We provide the new questions that will be on the 2021 Cosmetology Exam, 2021 Barber Exam, 2021 Esthetics Exam, and 2021 Manicure Exam.

In short, If the school wants the students to pass their 2021 Cosmetology Exam, the school cannot continue to give them 2019 questions to study.

Enseno estetica en espanol?

Si, tenemos las preguntas de estetica 2021 disponibles en espanol.

On another site it says State Boards use Milady to create their exam, but at my school we use the Salon Fundamentals book. Our school has a low pass rate, why would our school use a book that is not on the Cosmetology State Board Exam?

You raise an important question, and unfortunately the answer is long. The OTHER site is and the sentence says: "State Boards Utilize Milady To Create Their Tests". This is a true statement - as far as it goes. But they did NOT say the Cosmetology State Board Exams ONLY use Milady, although they hope that is the impression you will get - and apparently you did. 

Most nail, esthetician, barber, and cosmetology State Board Exams use a test created by NIC, and to create the exam NIC uses at least 2 textbooks: Milady (Cengage) and Salon Fundamentals (Pivot Point).

Here is the short answer:

1) Both are excellent books.

2) Both are used to create the cosmetology State Board Exam.

3) Both contain different information

My husband has just retired from the military and we will be moving to Rancho Mirage California soon. Once there, I will be required to take the 2021 California Esthetician Exam; can you help me; I'm a bit old for all the studying!

Best of luck to you, Rancho Mirage is a beautiful area. That said, we have all the 2021 California Esthetician Practice Exam and Test Questions.

Do you have the cosmetology or barber or esthetcian exam questions for Oregon?


Do  you have the barber or cosmetology or esthetcian exam questions for the State of Washington?


Do you have the barber or cosmetology or esthetcian exam questions for Illiinois?


Why are there so many questions on here about the 2021 California Cosmetology Exam or 2021 California Estheticians Exam, there are other states.

I guess it is because of 2 things:

1) 2021 is so close.

2) California has so many people (40 million at last count, more than many countries, more people, more questions).

Tienes las preguntas decosmetologia 2021 en espanol?

Si, y nosotros hablamos espanol: 760-534-4434.

Why are the practice questions on ProProfs free while everyone else charges? offers Free questions for cosmetology, barber and estehetics because they make their money when you Click-On any of the pop-ups that appear on their site. Most other companies do not allow pop-ups and make money only if you purchase their cosmetology practice test questions and answers.

Additionally, understand that the questions & answers on  are posted by students and are not always correct or up-to-date.

An old proverb says: The value of anything is about equal to what you paid for it". Put more simply: You Get What You Pay For, Buyer Beware (caveat emptor).

My daughter is Dyslexic and we have spent hours on hold with the California State Board of Cosmetology listening to a recorded voice tell me how important we are, and hours on their website:  All I want to know is how do I get permission to bring someone to read her written exam to her.  

As the result of Covid-19 it has become almost impossible to speak with anyone in Sacramento; and although the website is excellent, it can be overwhelming. If you give us a call, one of our representatives will walk you through the California State Board website and show you where to make your request under 'Special Accommodations'- they will almost always grant it.

Do you have the cosmetology exam or barber exam or esthetician exam questions for Indiana?


Do you have the barber, cosmetology and esthetician exam questions and answers for Michigan?


How many questions are on the California State Board Exam?

Cosmo = 100, Barber = 65

To learn more about the exam, log onto the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (Examination Bulletin) at:

I moved to Florida and do not qualify for Endorsement and must take the  exam. But I am confused by the Florida Cosmetology Clinical Exam.

The 2021 Florida Cosmetology Exam is divided into 2 parts: Theory & Clinical. Both have 65 questions. 34% of the Written Theory is on Safety & Sanitation; 39% of the Written Clinical is on Hair Coloring & Lightening.

For more detailed information on the Florida Cosmetology Exam, log onto:

Tu tienes la State Board Examen para Cosmetologia espanol?

Si, tenemos la quizlet Examen State Board / Junta Estatal para Cosmetologia espanol 

What are your thoughts on

It seems that almost everyday we receive emails from students asking our opinions regarding different companies selling their products on Google; and sometimes offering their products for Free. So here goes:

1) A company based in Mumbi India. They offer their products for Free (Great); but their questions & answers are posted by students who may not know the correct answers (Not Great), and the site bombards you with Pop-Ups of unrelated things for sale - and people buy these things, we know this because if they didn't buy them Proprofs would be out of business.

2) This is a Pennsylvania company that sells study materials for about 100 different exams including: Acupuncture, Auto Mechanics, Firefighters, Paramedics, Real Estate, and Welding. 

A bit of this and a bit of that - like a Buffet, lots of food but none of it is very high quality.

Wouldn't you prefer a company that only deals with Cosmetology, Barbering, and Skin Care?

3) A Texas based company offering another Buffet Style approach; this one specializing in Architecture, Real Estate, and the related Building Trades (plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc.).

Which one of those State Board Exams will you be taking?

4)  A company located in Hong Kong, China with no address or telephone number on their site. Try getting your Money Back after you Fail your State Board Exam. Who you gonna call - Ghost Busters?

5) Based in California, with offices in Florida, and Texas, this 39 year old American company limits itself to offering exam preparation Questions & Answers in the areas of Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Manicure  / Nail Technology. Most of their products come with a Money Back Guarntee and their address and telephone number are posted on their website.

Y hablan espanol.

For which states do you have the Barber or Cosmetology or Esthetician Exam questions & answers?

We have the Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetician, and Manicure Exam questions and answers for:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana,Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah,  Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington D.C.