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  • This is a "Live", Inter-active Program, that arrives in your email 5 Seconds after ordering (if you prefer, the same questions & answers are available in a spiral bound book form by ordering the: Cosmetology Regular Version, OR as 25 separate, Chapter Specific, State Board Exams by ordering the: Premier Edition).
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The Cosmetology State Board Will Use at Least 5 Textbooks to Create Your Exam, including:

Pivot Point / Salon Fundamentals,

Milady Cosmetology,

Milady Esthetics,

Milady Nail Technology, and

C.L.I.C., and


Each Book Contains About 1,000 pages. Over 5,000 In All. And the Cosmetology Exam / Cosmetology Test will pull questions from ALL 5,000 Pages.

Our Staff Has Read Them All For You, and Provided You With All The 2018 Cosmetology State Board Practice Test / Exam Questions and Answers They Contain.

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- Cosmetology Final Exam Practice Test

- Cosmetology State Board Practice Test / Exam 1

- Cosmetology State Board Practice Test / Exam 2

- Cosmetology State Board Practice Test / Exam 3

- Cosmetology Final Practice Test & Exam (Grand Exam).

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Terms & Conditions

Money Back Guarantee requires completing entire Exam at least once.

Money Back Guarantee requires you complete the Exam at least once with a minimum score of at least 85%.

Money Back Guarantee does not apply in Canada.